An experience like no other

The RolleyHarbour is the answer to all of your land based transportation needs. The three modes allow it to adapt to every task and our patented mechanism enables you to enjoy every aspect of your day, offering you an effortless walk and an exceptional ride.


British Innovation 

For the best part of a decade we have been refining our technology on the golf course and we are now ready to branch out into the yachting world.

The RolleyHarbour has been developed by our innovative British design team who, through their experience in golf, know exactly what customers expect from a product like this.


Always ready 

Why wait for transport? The RolleyHarbour folds neatly into its custom-made docking station which means you need never be without it.

It then transforms at the pull of a lever into a four-wheeled electric personal vehicle with a top speed of 18mph and a battery life of 8 hours; as effortless as it is convenient.



Put it to work

The RolleyHarbour is just as much at home as a power assisted trolley as it is a ride on vehicle, meaning when needed it can be used to transport cargo from boat to car.



Docking station

Docking station options are fully bespoke meaning we will seamlessly integrate the RolleyHarbour into your interior design.




All of our products are handcrafted in the UK allowing us to monitor the smallest details and ensure we deliver the perfect product time and time again.



Tailor made 

Each RolleyHarbour can be custom made to fit your preferences and taste, from the quality of leather used in the grips to the desired material of the frame, you have unlimited options.



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