The most influential pieces of design tend to be the product of one curious mind, however the story of RolleyGolf reflects much more than this. It is the story of passion, persistence, team work and the founders’ attitude towards innovation. We want to share the events following that defining eureka moment with you.


That moment, born 2006 by our inventor Arnold du Toit, started with identifying a seemingly obvious but unsolved issue. Faced with old and unimaginative options, buggies, electric trolleys or carrying your clubs for over four hours, restricting you to either walk or ride, just did not inspire Arnold at all. Realising that combining an effortless walk with an exceptional ride option, would be the dream round of golf, and wouldn’t it be great to simply fold it all up, enabling that experience at any club across the world.

Now green-to-tee and shot-to-shot can be filled with the Rolley's ground breaking technology.

Every great idea starts with a big dream, and Arnold’s dream for RolleyGolf is to change the way we move on the fairways, always keeping the focus on our golf. Such dreams require precise execution, and so Arnold partnered with his visionary co-founder, Andre Harmzen. From 2010-14 whilst Arnold worked closely with the early adopters to co-create the perfect Rolley, Andre focused on the greater meaning behind their mission. It was never going to be easy, never a straight win. That said, this is golf, and RolleyGolf are up to those challenges.

“The Rolley had to be completely invented, we couldn’t just strap a golf bag to something existing, and golfers deserve true innovation. The Rolley has to be thrilling and fresh yet familiar, traditional, and always subtle. It needs to be a cut-above and focused on golf” Arnold du Toit

Today RolleyGolf is not only a multiple award winning innovation, it is a proud British made brand. Each of the products are checked by our master-craftsmen, who have over 45 years of engineering experience, hand-building and assembling the collections in the heart of London.


Design features



The beautifully simple design rules of the RolleyGolf collections, follow a fundamental principle, everything must look incredible yet offer superior functionality. The curved tubular design features hide some impressive functional aspects.

The RolleyGolf is powered by our patented TWINDRIVE technology system which will give you an exhilarating experience carrying you at speeds up to 15mph between shots all year round. The advanced lithium battery ensures that even at top speed the ride is almost silent.

At RolleyGolf we refer to the mechanism that allows you to transition seamlessly between walk, ride and travel mode as the 'Movement'. This hand-crafted movement has been designed to offer a very low centre of gravity to the rider, and therefore offers a very stable yet subtle appearance.

The movement also features our unique Single Linkage Steering system, or SLS for short, combined with a ‘floating steering column’ which allows the RolleyGolf to manoeuvre over most undulations commonly found on golf courses, even at speed without affecting your steering and balance.


Notes for your Green Keepers



At RolleyGolf we respect every green and fairway.

We have worked closely with some of the most critically acclaimed Directors of Green Keeping to produce a truly revolutionary control system

This unique control system is called TWINDRIVE.

Using our Environment Detect sensors, electronic differentials, and anti-slip braking profiles, TWINDRIVE not only protects the user, but ensures no damage is made to even the most sensitive turf situations.

Combining the Rolley’s patented multi-mode movement with the sophisticated TWINDRIVE technology, will allow you to enjoy all year round golfing. Gone are the days of having to fit yet another special winter tyre to a trolley, or hampering your natural flow by traditional buggy rules, Rolley’s technology offers full confidence, whether in walk or ride mode, you will be able to enjoy the RolleyGolf experience, regardless of the course conditions.