Design features



The beautifully simple design rules of the RolleyGolf collections, follow a fundamental principle, everything must look incredible yet offer superior functionality. The curved tubular design features hide some impressive functional aspects.

The RolleyGolf is powered by our patented TWINDRIVE technology system which will give you an exhilarating experience carrying you at speeds up to 15mph between shots all year round. The advanced lithium battery ensures that even at top speed the ride is almost silent.

At RolleyGolf we refer to the mechanism that allows you to transition seamlessly between walk, ride and travel mode as the 'Movement'. This hand-crafted movement has been designed to offer a very low centre of gravity to the rider, and therefore offers a very stable yet subtle appearance.

The movement also features our unique Single Linkage Steering system, or SLS for short, combined with a ‘floating steering column’ which allows the RolleyGolf to manoeuvre over most undulations commonly found on golf courses, even at speed without affecting your steering and balance.