Notes for your Green Keepers



At RolleyGolf we respect every green and fairway.

We have worked closely with some of the most critically acclaimed Directors of Green Keeping to produce a truly revolutionary control system

This unique control system is called TWINDRIVE.

Using our Environment Detect sensors, electronic differentials, and anti-slip braking profiles, TWINDRIVE not only protects the user, but ensures no damage is made to even the most sensitive turf situations.

Combining the Rolley’s patented multi-mode movement with the sophisticated TWINDRIVE technology, will allow you to enjoy all year round golfing. Gone are the days of having to fit yet another special winter tyre to a trolley, or hampering your natural flow by traditional buggy rules, Rolley’s technology offers full confidence, whether in walk or ride mode, you will be able to enjoy the RolleyGolf experience, regardless of the course conditions.