Three ways to move


The RolleyGolf’s main innovation is its quick transition between three modes. This gives maximum convenience, but also allows total flexibility for you, the player throughout your round.

Travel mode

Our patented, hand-crafted folding movement ensures your ride-on trolley is engineered to be as light and compact as possible, made from the finest lightweight materials, the RolleyGolf is designed to suit all of your travelling needs.

Walk mode

Using your RolleyGolf in power assisted walk mode allows you negotiate the golf course whilst your RolleyGolf does the hard work. Either steer your trolley using the handles, or link up to your smartphone or tablet to control remotely. Either way offers an effortless walk.


Ride mode

Ride mode changes the golf experience for anyone who tries it. The Rolley design has a naturally low centre of gravity which provides stability for the rider, whilst the unique steering system allows for fluid directional transitions. With a high powered drive system, stepping on is an exhilarating experience that will carry you at speeds up to 15mph between shots.